About SEA


By Blair Lee, A Voice from the Middle

There is a revolution going on right now in education. It’s called homeschooling. I am part of a fringe group in this revolution. You don’t hear a lot from us, but there is a group of homeschoolers who consider our style of homeschooling as both eclectic and academic. You don’t hear from us because on the one hand we are the unloved mongrels of the homeschooling community so we keep a low profile, and on the other hand we are too busy figuring out how to best facilitate our children’s education. We spend too much time on academics and have too much structure to be considered unschoolers or child-led learners, and too little time on traditional academics or have too little structure to be considered classical homeschoolers.

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Thanks, SEA Homeschoolers!


2 thoughts on “About SEA

  1. I absolutely loved your post. I’m new to homeschooling I have an 8th grader and 3rd grader and would love more information on what your doing. I’m doing different curriculums that
    they seem to be ok with but I want so much more then that. I want daily hands on life skills and to make leaning fun because I don’t want them to dread it and I want my oldest to begin wanting to know more about different stuff and wanting to learn.


    1. Hello Amy,
      Thank you. I blog about our journey on my personal blog, blairleeblog.wordpress.com, for more information about the specifics of what we are doing. I am a couple of posts behind, which always happens for me at this time of year. I takes about a month to figure it out each year. This year is turning out to be amazing, I must say. It does take work to figure the details out for making the journey academic and eclectic. I find myself constantly asking, “What’s the purpose of studying this?”, and “What do I hope Sean learns from this?” The answers to those two questions help guide me as I cobble together what I call A Handcrafted Education.
      Blair Lee
      The two pieces of advice I like to give new homeschoolers are,
      1. Relax, it’s a journey not a sprint
      2. Take the time to figure out how your children best learn. Because of the number of students in classrooms and the checklist of standards teachers are required to teach, the focus in classrooms is on how subjects are easiest to teach to meet those standards. Most of us were taught from that perspective. It can be subtle or not, but the impact is profound when the emphasis changes to how subjects and materials are best learned.


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